Fictionalised Renditions


Grendel Grendel Grendel (1981)

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An animated film based on John Gardner's book 'Grendel'. The Beowulf story told from the viewpoint of Grendel. A typical creation of the cold war paranoia generated suspicion of military heroes in any form. Poor animation and a badly constructed story. Its only redeeming feature is Peter Ustinov as the voice of Grendel.

The 13th Warrior (1999)

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A film version of Michael Chrichton's famous literary hoax "Eaters of the Dead", which relates the Beowulf story as the journal of Ibn Fahdlan. Ibn Fahdlan did exist and encountered the Vikings on the Volga river, the rest is pure fantasy. Grendel is turned into the Wendol, a tribe of Neanderthals and the dragon becomes a cavalry of torch-bearing cavemen. Irrespective of these changes the heroic nature of Bulliwyf (Beowulf) is preserved. A watchable production. 

Beowulf (2007)

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Stunning graphics and imagery, it is a pity that the writers had absolutely no idea about the subtext of the Beowulf epic. The plotline is terrible due to the writers trying to be too clever. Although there is a Grendel, a Grendel's Mother and a dragon, they bear little relation to the epic poem. Watch Beowulf & Grendel instead.

Grendel (2007)

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Made for TV movie which is even worse than the Beowulf above. Improbable horned helmets crossbow-like laser cannons and special effects which looked like they were knocked together on in a teen-geek's bedroom.

So bad the only country willing to put it out was Thailand as the image shows!