The Anglo-Saxon alphabet and Pronunciation
The Anglo-Saxon alphabet is somewhat different from the modern alphabet in that there are letters which today are not used, mostly thanks to the advent of the printing press. There are also letters in the modern alphabet which didn't exist in Anglo-Saxon: Read More
Using Anglo-Saxon Characters on a Computer
Using Anglo-Saxon characters is possible on a PC, by typing the character codes or key sequences: Read More
Anglo-Saxon Kenning
A 'Kenning' is a roundabout figure of speech, a circumlocution usually constructed of two alliterated words (see rules) in order to provide a disguised meaning while conforming to the poetic form. Although used to make sagas such as Beowulf more eloquent, it is most seen in riddles where the intent is to disguise the meaning. Read More
The Alliterative Poetry of Beowulf

Germanic verse is fairly homogenous in form so that although we have no texts on verse construction, it is easy to reconstruct the rules:

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